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Affordable Housing In Downtown Las Vegas

It is said to be the future of downtown Las Vegas, affordable housing for young professionals. L'Octaine is a new apartment complex right on Las Vegas Boulevard that designers say will help bring those professionals to the area..

Fifty-one apartment units right off of the Las Vegas Strip for less than you would pay in most parts of the valley. City officials say it is the answer to revitalizing downtown.

Carolyn Goodman, wife of Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman says, " I see so many of our constituents who are unable to afford what has happened here in Las Vegas." Goodman adds, "Originally I said it would be for Oscar when he and I get in a fight... forget Oscar... I am moving in here."

All joking aside, this project has taken more than five years since its conception to complete. City Councilman Lawrence Weekly says it was worth every minute of it. "This is so cool. It has been a long time coming," said Weekly.

With apartment rents skyrocketing in the valley, some residents at L'Octaine say they are looking for some relief. That is why apartments ranging from $461 to just under $800 are the perfect fit.

Brian Alvarez moved in one week ago. He is a young professional who works for the city and runs a small art gallery. He moved into L'Octaine and treats his new home as a piece of art as well. He says it fits his style to a tee. "I saw it as an exciting time for downtown and said I have to live there," Alvarez said.

Will Newbern, President of the Tom Hom Group that designed the building says it has the quiet feel of home with the city at its doorstep. Newbern adds, "They can step out onto the most famous street in the world, Las Vegas Boulevard." by Lindsay Patterson, Reporter

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